“Agri-Tech” Breakthrough Could Make a Fortune Easing World Food Crisis

Political instability now threatens global food supplies. This company’s innovation could help feed billions, handing early investors impressive returns.

This company meets my strict criteria of being highly disruptive and ahead of the curve, creating a unique double-play investment opportunity that could solve the global food crisis. 

Take a look at the picture, what do you see?

Hidden inside this produce-less aisle is an opportunity for early investors to potentially “reap” bountiful returns while helping to alleviate a humanitarian crisis in the making. Because the same forces that have led to U.S. grocery stores occasionally having empty shelves have already led to chronically short food supplies elsewhere in the world. It’s a potentially life-threatening emergency that was only getting worse before the world was shocked by the violent events of early 2022. Now this violent upheaval has placed a catastrophe on top of a catastrophe as the combination of sharply negative trends brings the looming food crisis to a critical level. You see, one of the most essential products required to grow the food we all need – fertilizer has all but run out.

Due to supply chain disruptions from government COVID policies, sharply rising prices on commodities, energy, and shipping, export restrictions from large Asian nations which have their own populations to feed, and economic sanctions on certain countries, fertilizer manufacturers can’t get the raw materials they need to make fertilizer. Which means farmers can’t buy it. Even giant agribusinesses with very deep pockets are in trouble. Some are even being pushed to the point of shutting down!

As recently as February 8, 2022, a local North Carolina paper pointed out how the problem with “fertilizer is forcing NC farmers out of the business. That’s because without fertilizer, the amount of wheat, corn, rice, fruits, vegetables, and oils farmers can produce could be slashed by as much as half. And with only half the yield, farmers can’t bring in the necessary sales to stay afloat. In other words, we are on the potential brink of a full-blown food crisis.

That’s why the Washington Post says, “A global food crisis could be approaching. Why National Geographic says recent events “could plunge the world into food shortages. And why the United Nations advised on March 25, 2022 that, “the world stands on the brink of a food crisis worse than any seen for at least 50 years. Thankfully, I’ve uncovered a little-known company with a breakthrough technology that could help stave off the worst of it.

The company is called SusGlobal Energy Corp (OTCQB: SNRG) and it can side-step the supply chain problems facing other fertilizer manufacturers and deliver this essential product to where it needs to go.

Hi, I’m Bob Byrne.

For the last 23 years, I’ve made a successful living in the stock market. Working with some of the biggest financial institutions in the world, and personally executing more than $3 billion in trades. These days, my goal is helping retail investors cash in on life-changing plays in the stock market through my Streetlight Confidential Newsletter. And based on my in-depth research and analysis, plus multiple conversations with the management team, I’m convinced those who buy into the company now could be on the verge of cashing in on a surge in potential profits.

Fertilizer Manufacturers Can’t Get the Goods

The U.S. is the third-largest producer of fertilizer globally. But to fully meet demand, it must import the raw materials to produce it. Natural gas is used as a feedstock for nitrogen fertilizers, accounting for as much as 80% of production costs. And even before the West implemented economic sanctions early this year, natural gas prices had spiked up tremendously as you know. Analysts at Deutsche Bank note that natural gas prices are up fivefold in Europe, while in the U.S. and Asia prices are about 1.5 times higher. To put it another way, the swelling price of natural gas in Europe is equivalent to if oil were trading around $200 per barrel. But it doesn’t stop there, the other nutrients for synthetic fertilizer, like potash, urea, and ammonia, have also skyrocketed in price. Potash and urea have more than doubled in price this year, according to Green Markets.

Cost to produce fertilizer have soared to nine-year highs

And now potash shipments accounting for a fifth of the world’s supply have completely halted as a result of U.S. and European sanctions. Oslo-based Yara International, a major producer of ammonia, says the cost to produce a metric ton of ammonia has gone from $110 last year to over $1,000 this year. Such a dramatic rise in cost isn’t digestible for these manufactures so they’re curtailing production. That’s why as of March 2022, Yara International reportedly cut its European production by 55% with no foreseeable window to ramp back up.

Even worse, countries that supply ammonia to the world are imposing restrictions on their exports to try and safeguard their own supplies. Plus, major container-ship operators are steering clear of all shipments to and from sanctioned countries. But the U.S. traditionally imports 20% of its urea and 40% of ammonium nitrate from these sanctioned regions. And chemicals and fertilizer companies rely on other imports for 40% of the ingredients and materials needed.

When fertilizer companies can’t get the key ingredients they need, they can’t produce fertilizer. This all leads to a perfect storm for SusGlobal Energy Corp (OTCQB: SNRG). Because the team of engineers at this little-known company have come up with a better way to make fertilizer. And it perfectly positions the company to rake in handsome profits from pent-up demand and rising prices as it delivers much-needed relief to farmers in the U.S. and around the world. Here are some other compelling reasons why this company is positioned to rake in substantial profits and could beef up your portfolio.

Their Groundbreaking New Proprietary Technology Is Disrupting the Entire Industry

Instead of relying on hard-to-get raw materials that are soaring in price or simply impossible to find, the company’s technology can convert organic waste into fertilizer! And they can convert a lot of it. To do that, the company first collects the organic food waste (banana peels, etc.) that would otherwise be dumped into local landfills. Then it uses a two-step fermentation process to break down the waste. After that, it puts the fermented waste through a heat-treating process to kill the pathogens. Finally, the company filters it all down to the liquid they distribute.

And since the average municipality generates between 40,000 and 60,000 metric tons per year of organic waste streams, in theory, SusGlobal will never run out of the raw materials it needs. Which means the supply-chain issues facing every other manufacturer of fertilizer don’t apply to it. Because while other fertilizer manufacturers are stuck waiting for shipments of potassium, nitrogen and phosphorus, SusGlobal is simply grabbing what it needs from the nearest landfill.

So as demand for fertilizer soars due to supply chain issues, one of the few companies capable of meeting that demand is SusGlobal Energy Corp (OTCQB: SNRG). But side-stepping the supply chain problem facing other manufacturers is only part of the story. That’s because this ingenious, patented process their engineers have developed solves an additional problem.

They Get Paid to Process the Waste It Turns Into Fertilizer

It turns out, organic food waste disposed in landfills is one of the leading sources of methane, a greenhouse gas that traps solar radiation 28 to 36 times more than carbon dioxide. In fact, municipal solid waste (MSW) landfills are the third-largest source of human-related methane emissions in the United States.

Landfills are the third-largest source of human-related methane emissions in the United States.

That’s why more and more municipalities across North America are legislating that companies can no longer dump their organic waste in landfills. And why these governments are looking for a different solution. As a result, municipalities aren’t merely begging SusGlobal to take their waste and process it through their groundbreaking facilities, they’re paying them to take it.

Right now, they have two major facilities that are strategically located on the outskirts of one of the most populated regions in Canada. The first facility resides in Belleville, Eastern Ontario. It began operations in 2017 with a capacity to process 120,000 metric tons of organic waste per year. It’s currently operating at 25% capacity, but SusGlobal is ramping up their production to meet demand and expects to reach its capacity for this facility in 2022. The second facility was recently purchased in Hamilton, Western Ontario and has the capacity to process 65,884 metric tons of organic waste per year, further increasing their capacity to meet unfulfilled demand.

To be clear, SusGlobal doesn’t haul the waste. They don’t own trucks. These municipalities pay SusGlobal to process the organic waste at its facilities because the cities don’t know what else to do with the trash. Municipalities can’t take the organic waste to landfills because of their effect on greenhouse gasses. And there are very few other viable options to process this waste at scale. Composting takes too much time to keep up with the vast amounts of garbage humans throw out. And recycling has its own set of contamination challenges. But SusGlobal can take in hundreds of thousands of tons of that “greenhouse problem” and produce 1,000 liters of liquid fertilizer for every metric ton of organic waste it’s paid to take.

That is its secret sauce. The genius behind SusGlobal’s disruptive technology is that it can safely process this waste and transform it into something useful instead of something harmful. In other words, not only does SusGlobal not have to deal with the supply-chain issues affecting virtually every other fertilizer company, but they don’t have to deal with the prices either.  Because while other fertilizer companies have to pay for their feedstock, SusGlobal is actually PAID to take it. That leads to incredible savings when it comes to the cost of goods. And to even better profit margins than software and tech companies, let alone other fertilizer companies.

SusGlobal Has Striking Profit Margins

Think about that for a second. The components of one top-of-the-line iPhone cost Apple around $500. Apple then sells the phone for about $1,100. So, Apple makes a profit of about $600 (gross) on every iPhone it sells. That’s a wonderful profit margin. Yet because SusGlobal doesn’t have to pay for their feedstock, the same $1,000 in revenue for SusGlobal only costs the company $112 in raw goods. That means it profits more per unit than “the most profitable company on the planet.” Of course, the iPhone is just one example.

When you consider every cost that goes into producing all the products and services that Apple, Google, and Facebook bring to the market we can get a clearer picture. Each behemoth sports an admirable Net Profit Margin of between 26% and 34%. And the Net Profit Margin of other fertilizer companies, for comparison, like Scotts Miracle-Gro and CF Industries, hover around 10%. But when SusGlobal ramps up its production capacity in the two facilities it owns, its profit margin is projected to come in well above these numbers. In other words, almost half of every dollar SusGlobal makes will go to shareholder equity. That’s the power of their model. And the company already has substantial pre-orders just waiting for them to ramp up production.

The Company is on the Verge of Surging Sales

In the United States, SusGlobal already has third-party private label clients ranging from big box retailers like Home Depot and Lowe’s to major fertilizer providers, all currently selling its environmentally friendly, pathogen-free, organic liquid fertilizer to consumers. And, as I mentioned, the company is gearing up to help alleviate the fertilizer crisis and bring much-needed relief to worrying farmers by delivering specific brands to wine, cannabis, and crop agriculture in the form of 1,000 Liter vats of organic liquid fertilizer.

Right now, the company’s Hamilton location is just coming online. They’re currently scaling it up, with plans to begin processing in the third quarter of 2022. When it does, revenues should grow from about $18 million in 2022 to projected revenues in the hundreds of millions annually by 2023.

This is the kind of opportunity that only comes around when a perfect storm of factors comes together. Like when SusGlobal’s breakthrough technology and the unique conditions of the fertilizer market collide at the most opportune time. But the impending explosion of sales and profits is not the only reason you should look into adding SusGlobal Energy Corp (OTCQB: SNRG) to your portfolio. In fact, simply from a balance sheet perspective, the argument is very compelling.

SusGlobal is Powerfully Positioned as a Leader in the Circular Economy

Right now, the world operates on what is referred to as a Linear Economy. That means we “use and discard” the products we build and consume. But SusGlobal is leading the charge in what is referred to as The Circular Economy.

In other words, the organic fertilizer SusGlobal produces goes to farmers who grow organic food. Much of that food is eventually thrown away which creates… more organic waste! The company is then paid to take that waste and produce more fertilizer, which it then sells back to farmers, and around and around it goes. With an opportunity to improve returns every step of the way. It’s a sustainable, upward spiraling chain of events that leads to stable, recurring revenue for the company.

Make no mistake: A circular economy model isn’t merely a planet-friendly pipedream or fancy label. According to consulting firm Accenture the circular economy presents a unique market opportunity upwards of $4.5 trillion by 2030. And SusGlobal Energy has quickly emerged as a leader in the new economy, addressing climate change and how to feed a growing population with socially responsible solutions. So, investors can potentially reap the rewards of the globe’s transition towards environmentally conscious companies while also positioning themselves to profit from the sky-high fertilizer demand coming from farmers today.

The Circular Economy represents a $4.5 trillion market opportunity by 2030.

Cap & Trade Gives SusGlobal a “Double Dip” Revenue Opportunity

The international carbon market system gives SusGlobal a significant secondary stream of revenue in the form of carbon credits. That’s because the company can precisely track the amount of organic waste it diverts away from landfills and processes in its facilities through weight scales. Then every year, a third-party registry sends auditors to audit the tonnage SusGlobal processed and calculates the amount of carbon credits the company can offer. They can then sell those credits into a voluntary market, where large carbon emitting companies can buy them to offset their own carbon footprints.

In Canada, for example, carbon credits are currently worth $50 per metric ton, and legislation is expected to increase it to $170 per ton by 2030. When you consider that SusGlobal’s two current facilities alone have the capacity to process over 185,000 metric tons per year, it could be worth as much as $31 million in added revenue that goes straight to the bottom line profits after taxes.

SusGlobal Has a Proven Management Team and a Board of Brilliant Minds

A top-notch management team is one key element that tips an investment opportunity from great into irresistible. And SusGlobal’s management team has the experience and vision to lead the company forward. These leaders include:

Marc M. Hazout

Marc M. Hazout

Founder, Executive Chairman, President & CEO

Marc brings over 25 years of experience in public markets, finance and business operations to SusGlobal Energy. He’s been involved in acquiring, restructuring and providing management services, as both a Director and an Officer, to several publicly traded companies. And since he’s one of the founding members, shareholders can rest assured he’s working for them.

Ike Makrimichalos

Ike Makrimichalos

Chief Financial Officer

Ike is a Chartered Professional Accountant with over 25 years of experience. He’s worked with manufacturing, automotive, technology, telecommunications and insurance companies. And served as Chief Financial Officer and Controller in the mining and financial services sectors for companies with global operations and multiple filing jurisdictions. 

Finally, SusGlobal has a range of directors that spans from chairs of global nuclear waste management companies to founders of fracking companies to nationally recognized leaders in site selection, location economics and incentives. SusGlobal’s management team is clearly well-equipped to continue to scale its operations into new territories and ramp up its business as it disrupts the $200 billion fertilizer industry.

Bottom Line: I’m recommending my Streetlight Confidential Newsletter Subscribers speak to their financial advisor about SusGlobal Energy Corp

✔ Due to SusGlobal’s ability to turn harmful organic waste into useful organic fertilizer.
✔ Its capacity to meet the pent-up demand caused by the supply shortage of fertilizer
✔ The staggering surge in sales from $18 million to potentially hundreds of millions by 2023.
✔ The company’s ability to get PAID to produce its product.
✔ Its exclusive licenses and barriers to entry for competitors.
✔ The stable, recurring revenues of its business model.
✔ Its position as a leader of the New Circular Economy.
✔ And the incredible management that is steering the company forward.

I believe an investment in SusGlobal Energy Corp (OTCQB: SNRG) could bring a potential profit to those who buy the company’s bargain-priced shares today. Of course, I’ve only had space here to give you a brief overview of why I find SusGlobal Energy Corp (OTCQB: SNRG) so compelling as an investment opportunity. However, there’s more to the story. With that in mind, my team and I have put together a new Special Report with even more details about the company. The report is called SusGlobal Energy and the $4.5 Trillion Climate Tech Revolution and a copy is yours FREE when you accept a risk-free trial subscription to my Streetlight Confidential Newsletter.

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